Giuseppe Melfi's personal page

Giuseppe Melfi's personal page

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I'm born in Uznach, Switzerland, in june 11, 1967, and I lived my early years at Rapperswil, a graceful town on lake Zurich. My parents are sicilian and I lived in Ispica, Sicily, since 1973 to 1987 when I won a place of scholarship at the Scuola Normale Superiore at Pisa, Tuscany, for Mathematics. I graduated at the University of Pisa in 1993. In july 1993 I began my military service in the Bersaglieri Army at Trapani, near Erice, Sicily. In 1994 I begun the Doctoral School of the University of Pisa, Department of Mathematics, which I finished in 1998. At present I am a visitor at the IMA (Institut de Mathématiques) of the University of Lausanne.

Ispica: the main square with the S. Bartolomeo cathedral (left) and the Annunziata church (right).

Ispica by La città azzurra.
Ispica on internet by
Ragusa on line with a photogallery of Ispica.
Ispica on the net (by Polosud).
Ispica (by Cres).
Tano Giuga's pictures of Ispica.
Cava d'Ispica by Saint Non.
Ispica by a tale of the romanticist writer Vivant Denon (1788).
City map of Ispica.

Some view of Rapperswil

  • Postcards of Rapperswil
    Rapperswil (by Casper).
    Rapperswil (by Tournet).
    Rapperswil by M. Gebert.
    City map of Rapperswil (by Obi).
    I also have a VNA Vespa (1958): This Vespa has been used by me in Sicily since 1982, and now it is in Pisa, for daily use and for some little holidays in Tuscany (S. Gimignano, Volterra, Elba Island) and Liguria (Cinque Terre).

    My father and our Vespa in 1959 at left. Me and my friend Francesca at right (on the background the Scuola Normale Superiore).

    Here you can found a letter of mines published on "Il Manifesto" of the 6th november 1997. It speaks about the "Ponte sullo stretto".
    A recent article about the Ponte (by Repubblica, june 5, 1998).
    Another one
    (by Repubblica, june 10, 1998).
    A third one
    (by Repubblica, june 11, 1998).
    A fourth one
    (by Repubblica, june 12, 1998).


    Dipartimento di Matematica
    Via Buonarroti 2
    56127 PISA ITALY
    Tel +39 50 844282
    Fax +39 50 844224

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