Giuseppe Melfi's bookmarks

Giuseppe Melfi's bookmarks

News and newspapers

  • L`edicola della città invisibile; among these Il Manifesto; La Stampa and La repubblica (for today's news click on the above logo).
  • Arsenale,Newspaper of cinematographic information;
  • Televideo; Rai's teletext. Another site (complete Televideo).
  • CNN Network;
  • Granma;
  • Borse e concorsi.


  • Mathematics Information Servers
  • Unione Matematica Italiana;
  • An Encyclopedia of Mathematics;
  • Summaries of more than 300 mathematical journals; Among these: Acta Arithmetica (see also the polish site) and Journal of Number Theory (see also here).
  • Number theorists homepages and their new listings ; Conferences in number theory. And now also the italian mirror site of Number theory web.
  • Who's in Mathematics.
  • Zentralblatt fur mathematik;
  • Journal de Theorie des Nombres de Bordeaux;
  • Mathematical Visualization;
  • Mathematical Reviews;
  • The Erdös Number Project


  • The nine planets; very nice;
  • Astronomical pictures;
  • Astronomical Data Archive;
  • Astronomical picture of the day.
  • Galileo spacecraft;
  • Destination Mars;
  • Pathfinder's images.

    Southern-East Sicily

  •, a complete site about Ispica.
  • Ragusa on line with a photogallery of Ispica.
  • Ragusa e provincia by (very interesting)
  • Ispica by La città azzurra.
  • Ragusa e provincia by with an Ispica on internet.
  • La pagina ragusana del quotidiano Giornale di Sicilia.
  • Sicily trough romanticist eye.
  • Vini di Sicilia
  • The most southern site in Europe, with Ispica on the net
  • Tano Giuga's pictures of Ispica.
  • News from the provincial administration of Ragusa


  • Yahoo Search
  • Lycos
  • Altavista
  • HotBot
  • Italian WWW server map
  • Exchange of the principal moneys
  • Autostop
  • FS on line
  • Shareware
  • Railway Informations also Swiss European railway timetable;
  • Ferry boats among Italy and Mediterranean sea
  • English Dictionary
  • The wheather in Europe;
  • Video on Line;
  •; Europe; Italy;
  • Formula 1: racing;
  • Serie A Championship
  • Have a look the last visitors of the page
  • Un saluto audio
  • Telnet gauss
  • Telnet paley
  • Telnet dida
  • Telnet
  • Telnet

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