Programmes of Study (Bachelor's Degree)

Every student must submit a personal Programme of Study before 30th November of the second year (or within a month after the date of enrolment, if the student enrols after that date and he/she is admitted to the second or higher academic year). The Programme is completed through the CAPS interface, which is accessible with the personal academic credentials (the ones used for the Alice portal). The Programme will be evaluated by the Programmes of Study Committee.

If a student wants to change an approved Programme, they can submit a new Programme (however, new Programmes must be presented with adequate notice with respect to the graduation date).

The Bachelor's Degree Course in Mathematics is structured in two curricula:

  • Fundamental curriculum;
  • Computational curriculum.

Lectures of the first year are shared between the two curricula; the curriculum is chosen while submitting the Programme of Study.

ATTENTION: it is important to choose the option corresponding to your Academic Year of enrolment. For information about previous academic years or further details, please refer to the Bachelor's Course Regulations at the designated page.

  Fundamental curriculum Computational curriculum
Year 1 Arithmetic (9 CFU/ECTS)
Fundaments of programming with laboratory (9 CFU/ECTS)
Geometry 1 (15 CFU/ECTS)
Introductory computational mathematics lab (6 CFU/ECTS)
Mathematical analysis 1 (15 CFU/ECTS)
Physics I with laboratory (9 CFU/ECTS)
Year 2 Algebra 1 (6 CFU/ECTS)
Elements of probability and statistics (6 CFU/ECTS)
Geometry 2 (12 CFU/ECTS)
Mathematical analysis 2 (12 CFU/ECTS)
Numerical analysis with laboratory (9 CFU/ECTS)
Scientific English (6 CFU/ECTS)
Free choice of the student (6 CFU/ECTS) Algorithms and data structure (6 CFU/ECTS)
Year 3 Rational mechanics (6 CFU/ECTS)
Experimental laboratory of computational mathematics (6 CFU/ECTS) Computational laboratory (6 CFU/ECTS)
Physics II (9 CFU/ECTS) Operational research (6 CFU/ECTS)
Physics III (6 CFU/ECTS) Programming languages with laboratory (9 CFU/ECTS)
One exam within the MCMA group (6 CFU/ECTS) Scientific computing (6 CFU/ECTS)
One exam within the MCTF group (6 CFU/ECTS) Free choice of the student (6 CFU/ECTS)
Free choice of the student (6 CFU/ECTS)
Free choice of the student (6 CFU/ECTS)
Final exam (9 CFU/ECTS)


  • The student chooses the exams when he/she submits the Programme of Study. As "free choice" the student may select courses of the Bachelor's Degree Course of Study that are not already present in the Programme of Study, or other courses which are active in some other Courses of Study at the university. In this case they have to be coherent with the educational objectives of the Bachelor's Degree Course in Mathematics. It is also possible to include an internship at a private or public organization that has an agreement with the Department of Mathematics or the University of Pisa.
  • Not all courses defined in the Regulations are active each year; please check the list of active courses before choosing the exams to include in the Programme of Study.