Working students

According to the Didactic Regulations of the University (Section 23), there are two extraordinary exam sessions in each academic year (one in November and one in April) reserved for working students, students enrolled on supplementary years (i.e. 4th+ year of the Bachelor's Course and 3rd+ year of the Master's Course), students on maternity leave, or students with children under the age of eight. The limitations described in Section 23 Paragraph 11 of the Regulations apply for the Courses of Study in Mathematics.

Students who are entitled to access the extraordinary sessions are invited to contact personally the teachers to agree how to proceed with the exams.

The status of working student is recognized upon request, which is done by filling the form below and bringing it to the Secretary's Office of the Department:

  • between 1st September and 31st October, for the sessions of both the following November and April;
  • between 1st February and 31st March for only the session of the following April.

Download the request form (Italian only)