Quaderni del Dottorato

* I Series
+ 1988
o E. Bierstone, P.D. Milman:
The local geometry of analytic mappings
o G. Capriz:
Continui con microstruttura
+ 1989
o R. Miranda:
The basic Theory of elliptic surfaces
o M. Ojanguren:
The Witt group and the problem of Lüroth
+ 1990
o J.C. Sikorav:
Systèmes hamiltoniens et topologie symplectique

* II Series
+ 1998
o F. Hélein:
Symétries dans les problèmes variationels et applications harmoniques
o A. Prestel:
Model Theory for the real algebraic geometer
+ 2000
o M. Coste:
An Introduction to Semialgebraic Geometry
o M. Coste:
An Introduction to o-minimal Geometry
o S. Marmi:
An Introduction to small divisors problems
o M. Marshall:
Positive polynomials and sums of squares
o T. Nishitani:
Hyperbolic equations with double characteristics
+ 2001
o M. Abate:
An Introduction to Hyperbolic Dynamical Systems
+ 2009
o H. Hironaka:
Introduction to Real Analytic Sets and Real Analytic Maps
o J. Ruiz:
The basic theory of powers series (Second Ed.)

* III Series
+ 2004
o F. Amoroso, D. Vergnaud:
Minorations de la hauteur d'un nombre algébrique

Availability The booklets of the I Series are out of print. The booklets of the II Series are still freely available on request; please contact the PhD Coordinator. The booklets of the III Series are available: please contact the publisher Edizioni Plus.