Tutoring services

During their time at university, students can count on several forms of support offered by the Course of Study in Mathematics.

• Professor-tutors

As established in the Tutoring University Regulations, each first-year student is assigned to a lecturer of the Department (so-called Professor-tutor), who guides and advises the student, helping with his/her learning process and, as pertaining to the university institution, removing obstacles to a productive participation to the lectures. The student-Professor pairing is the following:

If for any reason a Professor-tutor is no longer available, his/her students have to ask the Course of Study President for the assignment of a new tutor.

• Peer tutoring

At the Mathematics Department it is available a peer tutoring service. Students of the Department (in particular first-year ones) can turn to peer tutors, who are specially-trained senior students, to ask both organization- and content-related questions about the courses, or the Course of Study—and math questions too!

To contact peer tutors or get updates on availability hours, there is a dedicated Facebook page.

• Support tutoring

In the Academic Year 2019/20 there are additional tutoring support lectures for the first-year courses, where senior students and PhD students put their knowledge at disposal.