Phase space description of the dynamics due to the coupled effect of the planetary oblateness and the solar radiation pressure perturbations

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Dott.ssa Elisa Maria ALessi

The aim of this work is to provide an analytical model that can describe the phase space associated with the singly-averaged dynamics due to the planetary oblateness coupled with the solar radiation pressure effect.
A two-dimensional differential system is derived by considering the classical perturbation theory, supported by the existence of an integral of motion that is defined by the semi-major axis, eccentricity and inclination of the orbit.
Under the single resonance hypothesis, the analytical expressions for the equilibrium points in the eccentricity-resonant angle space are provided, together with the corresponding linear stability.
Possible applications for both hyperbolic and elliptic invariant objects will be presented, by considering the Earth as the major oblate body.

This work was done in collaboration with Dr. A. Rossi from IFAC-CNR and with Prof. C. Colombo from Politecnico di Milano, Department of Aerospace Science and Technology. It was funded by the European Commission Horizon 2020, Framework Programme for Research and Innovation (2014-2020), under the ReDSHIFT project (grant agreement n. 687500) and under the ERC project COMPASS (grant agreement n. 679086).