Department of Mathematics
University of Pisa

 Numerical Analysis  and Computational Mathematics

Structured Matrices and Toeplitz Computations

The research in this field concerns the analysis of structured matrices under different point of views. The main goal is to investigate properties related to structures that can be used for the design of efficient algorithm for the solution of different related problems. Numerical computation of eigenvalues of large matrices and solution of linear systems with dense structured or sparse matrices are the main problems that we consider. Among  the main investigated structures we are interested to Toeplitz and Toeplitz-like matrices, Hankel and Bezout matrices, or more generally to classes of matrices associated with a displacement operator.

F. Di Benedetto, E. Bozzo,  V. Pan, S. Serra, P. Tilli, E. Tyrtyshnikov


  • Cyclic reduction for banded Toeplitz matrices
  • Cyclic reduction for banded  symmetric Toeplitz matrices




    Cortona 2000: "Structured Matrices: Analysis, Algorithms and Applications"