Real Algebraic and Analytic Geometry

Torino, July 6, 2006
Dedicated to Alberto Tognoli



The session deals with topics in real geometry and is dedicated to Alberto Tognoli, recently retired.

Topics: real algebraic and analytic varieties, real analytic functions, algebrization of polyedra, Nash functions and manifolds.


9.00- 9.15 Presentation
9.15-10.15 R.Benedetti (Univ. Pisa): Around the "Nash-Tognoli" Theorem
10.15-10.45 Coffee break.
10.45-11.15 J-J.Risler (Univ. Paris VII): Harnack deformations of a real plane branch
11.20-11.50 R.Ghiloni (Univ. Trento): All real algebraic varieties of positive dimension are irreducible up to semi-algebraic homeorphism
12.00-13.00 M.Coste (Univ. Rennes 1): Nash functions
13.00-15.00 Lunch time.
15.00-15.30 F. Acquistapace (Univ. Pisa): Global Semianalytic Geometry
15.45-16.15 F. Mangolte (Univ. Savoie, Chambery):Topological types of real elliptic surfaces
16.15-16.45 Coffee break.
16.45-17.15 J. Fernando (Univ. Autonoma, Madrid):Positive semidefinite analytic functions on a global real analytic surface
17.30-18.00 J. Huisman (Univ. Brest): T. B. A.