`The Topology of 3-Manifolds'
Pisa, June 15 and June 17, 2002
Organized by
Riccardo Benedetti, Carlo Petronio, Dale Rolfsen, and Jeff Weeks

June 15, room B

9:00-9:25           Silvia Benvenuti, "Presentations for modular groups via the ordered complex of curves", Abstract
9:40-10:05        Joanna Kania-Bartoszynska, "Applications of quantum invariants to 3-dimensional topology", Abstract

10:05-10:35      Coffee

10:35-11:00      Bruno Martelli, "Complexity and decomposition of 3-manifolds along tori", Abstract
11:15-11:40      Ian Agol, "Detecting laminar 3-manifolds", Abstract
11:55-12:20      Sergei Matveev, "Finite-type invariants of cubic complexes",Abstract
12:35-13:00      Colin Adams, "The view from the cusp in a hyperbolic 3-manifold ", Abstract

13:00-14:50      Lunch

14:50-15:15      Abigail Thompson, "Invariants of immersed curves in the projective plane", Abstract
15:30-15:55      Steven Boyer, "Orderable 3-manifold groups", Abstract

15:55-16:25      Coffee

16:25-16:50      Marta Rampichini, "An algorithm for recognizing the unknot", Abstract
17:05-17:30      Mattia Mecchia, "The number of links with the same hyperbolic 2-fold branched covering", Abstract
17:45-18:10      Bruno Zimmermann, "On finite groups acting on homology 3-spheres", Abstract
18:25-18:50      Martin Scharlemann, "Thinning genus two Heegaard spines in the 3-sphere", Abstract

June 17, room F

9:00-9:45          Daryl Cooper, "The orbifold theorem", Abstract
10:00-10:45      Riccardo Piergallini, "Surgering branched coverings", Abstract

10:45-11:15      Coffee

11:15-12:00      Sadayoshi Kojima, "Circle packings on surfaces with projective structures", Abstract
12:15-13:00      Christine Lescop, "Splitting formulae for all finite type invariants of homology 3-spheres", Abstract

13:00-15:00      Lunch

15:00-15:45      Luisa Paoluzzi, "2-fold branched covers of knots", Abstract
16:00-16:45      Olivier Collin, "Gauge theory invariants and 3-dimensional links of complex singularities", Abstract

16:45-17:15      Coffee

17:15-18:00      Joan Porti, "The orbifold theorem", Abstract
18:15-19:00      Paolo Lisca, "Milnor-Wood inequalities, contact structures, and Seifert fibrations", Abstract

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