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This gateway is created with the help of students of the Dipartment of mathematics of the University of Pisa. The gateway itself does not offer all of the existing Somali terminolgy in the field of maths or in the other scientific terminolgy. Our desire is to do as much as possible so any comments, critiques and especially any technical suggessions are well appreciated.

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As you may be aware, the Somali language was written in 1972. Even if Somalia was one of the few African countries having the bravery to proclaim as an official language their proper and origin language, the scientific terminology introduced at that time was unexpected successful. The committee of somalizzation did a lot and admirable work. Anyway this brillant intiative lost the necessary progress. better late than never! We can take off from that good point.

Feel free to participate. Any comments and observations could be sent to Studenti di Matematica

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