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Ethnomathematical References

(Jama Musse Jama)

The aim of this gateway is to provide a flexible instrument for mathematicians and
other educators who are active in ethnomathematics research or related topics, such as Mathematical Education and History of Mathematics, as well as for the young researchers who are approaching for the first time this young, valuble, indispensable and enchanting branch of mathematics.

Ethnomathematics: an absolutely essential key for Mathematics Education.

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The present database is not a catalog nor bibliography, infact it contains only one record (item) for each reference and can be searched only by author's name or by words composing it's title. This finding list is not as complete as possibile, and obviously needs a continuos updating, but I hope, with your help by pointing out to me any missing items and informing me any new ones, we can let it be more efficient instrument.

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