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In my desertation thesis (presented on 21 March, 1996), I worked with the Operations Research and Optimization Group of mathematics dipartment, Pisa. The title of the thesis was Variational Inequality in Finite Dimensional Space. Since then various works in a different fields of mathematics was interested to me.


Applicazioni della dualita' per le disequazioni variazionali ai problemi di flusso Scilla (RC) 17-18 May, 1996.

Ethnomathematics and Mathematical Education.

Creating a Mathematical Terminology: The Somalia Case Franco Favilli and Jama Musse Jama, International Congress on Mathematical Education 8, Sevilla (Spain) 14-22 July, 1996.
Teaching Mathematics in Somalia. Franco Favilli and Jama Musse Jama, Histo'ria e Educaca`o Matema'tica, Braga (Portugal) 24-31 July, 1996. Proceedings Vol. 1 pp. 307-308.

Research interests

Optimization: The applications of finite dimentional variational inequilaities, duality problems and their interpretions, separation.

Mathematics Education: Review of curricula and sylabi of secondary school mathematics in Somalia. Somali maths dictionary, suggestions and critics of somali new terms in mathematics terminology.

Ethnomathematics: East African people and their culture of using mathematics.

Applicazione della dualita'
per le disequazioni variazionali
ai problemi di flusso.

(The English version of this communication will be published at the end of the year)

Abstract Consideriamo un problema di flusso di costo minimo generalizzato formulato tramite una disequazione variazionale. Vogliamo dare un'interpretazione in termini di potenziali delle variabili duali associate alla disequazione variazionale mediante lo schema di dualit\'a introdotto in [1].

Creating a Mathematical Terminology
The Somalia Case.

(This paper is presented during the ICME-8 in Seville, Spain)

Abstract. The influence that linguistic aspects and culture might have on teaching and learning mathematics has received a good deal of attention. One of the elements to care of is the introduction of new terms and their use: in which context are these terms introduced? how could they be interpreted as common language?. Teaching and learning in a native language is always better than in a foreign one, however, when the language is in its state of infancy, as in the case of Somalia, it is very important to pay more attention on choosing new terms, as well as on the construction of accurate phrases for context-depending concepts. The purpose of this communication is to remark some points in the introduction of somali mathematical terminology, that can misguide the students, and consequently, to encourage a substantial revision in order to get improvements.

Teaching Mathematics in Somalia

(This is a workshop presented during the HEM Braga 96 in Braga (Portugal)

Abstract. The social context and the culture of a territory play an important role in the teaching of any discipline in that area. In this workshop we want to make some observations on the teaching of mathematics in Somalia. However the current situation of the country obliges us to look into how it was in 1990 and subsequently to prepare a focus issue on developing an appropriate mathematics curriculum, based on the socio-cultural context, which will enable the students to understand the concepts of mathematics.