Application for Bachelor’s Degree final exam (COVID-19 emergency)

ATTENTION: information in this page is valid during the medical emergency caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

This page presents information about deadlines and fulfilment to apply for the Bachelor’s Degree final exam; see also the global instructions on the University website (in Italian). The rules for obtaining the final degree grade are detailed in the specific section of the Bachelor’s Course Regulations.

Note. “Secretary’s office” means the office in the Mathematics Department; “Student affairs office” means the central office of the University, located in building D in Largo Pontecorvo 5.

Within 30 days before the graduation session

  • Online: submit the final exam application through the Alice portal.

Within 15 days before the graduation session

  • Student affairs office: upload the following documentation through the Alice portal: Note. If you find some difficulties with those instructions, please refer to the ones at the dedicated page on the University website (in Italian); if you still have doubts, we suggest to write to
  • Secretary’s office: send the following documentation to Note. It is not necessary to send a complete certification of the exams taken during the Course, which will be acquired directly by the Secretary’s office.
    • final exam application (Attachment 2/L, in Italian); it is possible to print, fill in, and scan the document or, if you are unable to do so, you can also provide all the necessary information by writing it in the mail body;
    • abstract of the thesis (2 pages max.) in pdf format;
    • copy of the last approved programme of study, which have to be requested to Chiara Luzzati (;
    • copy of the receipt of the evaluation questionnaire.

Within 2 days before the graduation session

  • Secretary’s office: send a copy of the thesis in pdf format to

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