How to enrol

For the procedures and related terms for

  • assignment of student ids;
  • enrolment;
  • transferral from and to other universities;
  • moving from or to other courses of study;
  • returning to a university career;

please contact the Student affairs office of the University of Pisa.

Access requirements

To enrol in the Bachelor’s Degree Course in Mathematics, other than good written and oral communication skills, the following knowledge of basic mathematics is required:

  • operations and inequalities between fractions;
  • operations and inequalities between real numbers;
  • familiarity with the manipulation of simple algebraic expressions and with solving algebraic equations and inequalities of degree one and two;
  • elements of Euclidean and analytic geometry;
  • familiarity with the definitions and basic properties of elementary functions (polynomial, exponential, logarithmic and trigonometric functions).

The knowledge is verified through an evaluation test; additional information on it can be found in the dedicated page. If a student does not participate to the test, or fails it, he/she can still enrol on the Bachelor’s Degree Course, but he/she is loaded with an Additional Learning Obligation (Obbligo Formativo Aggiuntivo, OFA). The obligation is considered fulfilled according to the rules in the dedicated page.

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