Enrolment for the Master’s Degree Course

How to enrol

For the procedures and related terms for

  • assignment of student ids;
  • enrolment;
  • transferral from and to other universities;
  • moving from or to other courses of study;
  • returning to a university career;

please contact the Student Affairs office of the University of Pisa.

For information about the access to the Master’s Degree Course in Mathematics, please contact Chiara Luzzati at the Secretary’s office of the Mathematics Department.

Access requirements

To enrol in the Master’s Degree Course in Mathematics, at least one of the following qualifications is required:

  1. an Italian Laurea Triennale (Bachelor’s Degree) from the class L-35 (Mathematical Sciences), or a Laurea Triennale ex lege 509/99 from the class 32 (Mathematical Sciences);
  2. a Laurea Triennale from another class, having acquired at least 30 CFU (ECTS) in sectors MAT/*;
  3. an Italian Laurea Specialistica (Master’s Degree ex lege 509/99) not from the class 45/S, or an Italian Laurea Magistrale (Master’s Degree ex lege 270/04) not from the class LM-40, having acquired at least 30 CFU (ECTS) in sectors MAT/*;
  4. a three-year Diploma or a four-year degree in Mathematics, Physics, or Computer Science;
  5. another qualification obtained abroad and recognized by the Course of Study Council.

Moreover, the Course of Study Council examines the personal preparation of the enrolling students in possession of the required qualifications, with procedures outlined in the “Requisiti di ammissione e modalità di verifica” section of the Master’s Course Regulations.

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