Mathematical Logic – old


The research carried out in this area has interdisciplinary connections both with other mathematical disciplines and with aspects of computer science, philosophy, and education. It is mainly concerned with model theory and its algebraic-geometric applications, non-standard analysis, combinatorics of numbers, set theory, complexity theory. 


Postdoctoral Fellows

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Ph.D. Students

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External Collaborators

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Model theory (Berarducci, Mamino)
o-minimality, stability, definable groups, Hardy’s fields, derivation, formal series fields, transseries, surreal numbers

Set theory, Foundations (Di Nasso, Forti)
Ultrafilters, non-standard methods, Ramsey theory, combinatorics of numbers, amenable groups, asymptotic density, syndetic sets, Foundations of mathematics.

Logic and computer science (Mamino, Berarducci)
Complexity, lambda-calculus.

Research Projects:

-PRIN 2012, “Logic, Models and Sets”

National Scientific Coordinator: TOFFALORI Carlo (Univ. of Camerino)
Scientific Coordinator of the Pisa unit: BERARDUCCI Alessandro  
Funding body: MIUR
Period: 08/03/2014 – 08/03/2018

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