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The Bachelor of Science Degree in Mathematics (Corso di Laurea Triennale, three years) and the Master of Science Degree in Mathematics (Corso di Laurea Magistrale, two years), offered by the University of Pisa, are both part of the time-honored and solid tradition of mathematics here in Pisa. This tradition is founded in the collaboration between our University and the renowned "Scuola Normale Superiore" and is kept active through advanced research activities conducted in all fields of pure and applied mathematics and carried out by professors of the University Mathematics Department. In keeping with this tradition, and with the high standards of research so typical of Pisa, our Mathematics Courses of Study aim to maintain and improve this level of excellence (at a national level and beyond), which has always distinguished them.

With the Bachelor's Degree, students acquire a basic knowledge of modern mathematics, along with a selection of the most important concepts of both physics and computer science. More emphasis will be placed on one or the other, depending on the chosen curriculum (fundamental or computational). Our 3-year degree course provides students with the aptitude to model real-life situations and to search for solutions to both practical and theoretical problems. This puts them at an advantage, both when looking for a job (in banking, insurance, statistics, computing, IT, service companies or optimization) as well as in continuing their studies with a Master’s Degree in Mathematics, Computer Science or other technical/scientific disciplines.

Students who wish to enrol here in Pisa for the Master's Degree in Mathematics can choose from one of the five areas on offer: applied, educational, general, modelling, or theoretical. These consist of core institutional courses, which provide a systematic description of the basic ideas of the main branches of mathematics (algebra, geometry, teaching, mathematical analysis, probability, mathematical physics, numerical analysis; with a selection of these topics which depends on the chosen curriculum). However, within each of these areas of study, students can also select from several thematic courses based on more recent and advanced topics (also in the areas of logic, history of mathematics and operational research, which are not covered in the institutional courses). These courses are often held by professors of the Department of Mathematics (or the Department of Computer Science for operational research) who also conduct leading international research studies in their particular field of specialization.

After obtaining a Master's Degree, students may continue with a PhD course, of which the University of Pisa offers an ample selection, or enter the world of work where their in-depth skills are very appreciated.