Results of the Lectures Evaluation Surveys

The opinion of the students on the lectures (and, more in general, on the Course of Study) is surveyed at the end of each term. This is done to collect important information to improve the quality of the lectures offered and at the same time to give the Course of Study an instrument to understand how students "feel" about the lectures and the Course in general. This information is used to identify both good practices, that are to keep and extend, and critical issues, of which it is necessary to find the cause and propose improvements.

For each Academic Year, the file "Courses of Study" reports the mean values of the results, aggregated by Course of Study (MAT-L for Bachelor's Degree, WMA-LM for Master's Degree, but there may be also other "fictitious" Courses, e.g. students of other Courses of Study that followed lectures offered by our Department, or Erasmus students; see also the note (b) here). The file "Department" reports the mean values of the results of all questionnaires of lectures offered by the Mathematics Department; the file "Services" contains the mean values of the results of the questionnaires relative to the services offered by the Departments (study rooms, laboratories,…). Please note that all the files are available in Italian only.

The disaggregated results, divided by single lectures, are available for consultation at the Secretary's Office on request of entitled people, as established by the guidelines for the analysis and the diffusion of the results.