The teaching and history of mathematics section within the Department has three internal associate professors: Franco Favilli, Pier Daniele Napolitani, and Rosetta Zan, as well as a researcher: Pietro Di Martino, and a PhD student: Giulia Signorini. Various collaborators contribute to research, training and publishing within this section, in particular Giuseppe Fiorentino (external associate professor), who has collaborated for some time now with educational research.

This section covers the two fundamentalr areas which characterize the scientific field MAT/04: the teaching of mathematics and the history of mathematics.

In particular, the studies and the expertise gained from this section are fundamental for: teacher-training, both of in-service and pre-service teachers; for mathematical students interested in the research in the field of mathematics education or in the history of mathematics; for the relationship with everything about educational wo.    

Mathematics Education

The research in mathematics education deals with the study of problems related to the learning and teaching of mathematics; It has significant connections with all areas of mathematics - and in particular with epistemological issues - with the science of education and the psychology of learning.

The research interests are many and varied: difficulties in mathematics; problem solving; teacher-training; ethnomathematics; CLIL(Content and Language Integrated Learning); teaching mathematics using new technology; teaching skills in mathematics.

Within this section there is a research group called G.R.S.D.M. (Group for Research and Experimentation in Mathematics Education) coordinated by Pietro Di Martino. The group involves more of 50 teachers and researchers coming from various cities in Italy.

Section members are also engaged in C.A.F.R.E. (University Centre for Training and Educational Research) of which Franco Favilli is director, and also in G.F.M.T. (Tuscan Mathematical Education Group "Giovanni Prodi").

History of Mathematics

Research on the History of Mathematics in our Department concerns mainly the study of Renaissance mathematics, with a focus on the following themes:

-Archimedes' mathematical work and its tradition in the Renaissance period;

-The birth of Algebra;

-Galileo’s new "natural philosophy";

- The completion of the National Edition of Francesco Maurolico's mathematical work.

Pier Daniele Napolitani is the only internal member of the Department who deals with the history of mathematics. Collaborating alongside him are: Veronica Gavagna (external researcher from the University of Firenze); Paolo d'Alessandro (external researcher from the University of Chieti); Martin Frank (external scholarship student, Deutsches Museum, Munich).

Important international collaboration within specific research projects has also been set in motion. In particular:

Humanisme et science, in collaboration with the "Jean Pepin" Centre and the CNRS SYRTE team;

Archimedes in the Renaissance, in collaboration with the Max-Planck-Institut für Wissenschaftsgeschichte, in Berlin - a project for the creation of a collaboration network for the study of the interrelation between mathematics and technology between the thirteenth and sixteenth centuries.