First Joint Meeting
American Mathematical Society - Unione Matematica Italiana
Pisa, June 12-16, 2002
Special Session

`The Topology of 3-Manifolds'

Organized by
Riccardo Benedetti, Carlo Petronio, Dale Rolfsen, and Jeff Weeks

The official talks of the Special Session will take place on Saturday, June 15, 2002.
An extra day of talks beyond the program of the AMS/UMI meeting will be held on
Monday, June 17, 2002under the auspices of the Department of Mathematics, University of Pisa.
A detailed schedule for both events is now available, and most abstracts also are.

Colin Adams (Williamstown)
Ian Agol (Chicago)
Silvia Benvenuti (Pisa)
Steven Boyer (Montreal),
Olivier Collin (Montreal)
Daryl Cooper (Santa Barbara)
Joanna Kania-Bartoszynska (Boise)
Sadayoshi Kojima (Tokyo)
Christine Lescop (Grenoble)
Paolo Lisca (Pisa)
Bruno Martelli (Pisa)
Sergei Matveev (Cheljabinsk)
Mattia Mecchia (Trieste)
Luisa Paoluzzi (Dijon)
Riccardo Piergallini (Camerino)
Joan Porti (Barcelona)
Marta Rampichini (Milano)
Martin Scharlemann (Santa Barbara)
Abigail Thompson (Davis)
Bruno Zimmermann (Trieste)

Please register and book your accommodation by yourself through the following website.
An early registration or hotel reservation may be considerably cheaper than a late one.

Please click here to contact the organizers.

A related conference on braids will take place in Cortona, about two hours from Pisa by train,
from June 19 to June 22, 2002. Further details are available here.

From this page you can also access the official AMS website of the Pisa meeting,
and the websites of the University of Pisa and the Department of Mathematics.

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