Somaliland/Somalia related information

These pages are being revised, therefore if you want an updated and very informative page on Somaliland and related issues, I suggest you to go to the Somaliland Cyberspace. The contains specific information on about the Republic of Somaliland, as well as many useful links for other online information.

Other on-line sources on Somaliland may be the Jamhuuria Newspaper's HomePage, the Somaliland Telephone Directory of Hargeisa, the Somaliland Candian Society and Somaliland Links Page. The Yasmin's page is another cool page. I remaind you the links thereafter.

If you are interested in the Somali language, a minimum background on its raising as a written language, and some historical notes on its use as an instruction medium, jump to Alif La Kor Dhebay. From there, you can see a small somali-italian-english dictionary on mathematical terms which I compiled with the help of students of the department of mathematics, here in Pisa University. Other somalis around the world contributed that work.

The following links may be usefull for you:
Beginning English for Somali Speakers - Barashada Bilowga Ingiriska

The historical page of Somalia, the ACG Somalia Page at the Indiana University remains the best initial point for Somalia related issues. For the modern history of Somalia, the Mukhtar's International Digital Magazine is a wonderful source. If you are interested in somali literature, the Waaberi Page and the links from there may be a good initial point. The Maren's NomadNet is an ather always updated site.

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