Ph.D. positions available on applications of machine learning and artificial intelligence to the analysis of data

The AI4Text group at the Institute for the Science and Technologies of Information from the Italian National Council of Research has a number of Ph.D. positions available on topics related to the application of machine learning to the analysis and management of textual information. Topics
of interest especially include:

  • learning to quantify (a.k.a. quantification, or supervised prevalence estimation)
  • technology-assisted review and its applications
  • authorship analysis (including authorship attribution, native language identification, and others)
  • cross-lingual and cross-modal classification
  • active learning for interactive classification

Successful candidates will attend the Ph.D. programme at the University of Pisa, and carry out their research at ISTI-CNR, also in Pisa, under the supervision of researchers from the AI4Text group.

Candidates must apply by February 1, 2023: see the link for details on the application procedure.

The fellowships funded by the AIMH group are the following:

ING_INFO03_E: Information Engineering.

Research project in: “Information Technology III” on the subject “Artificial intelligence applied to the analysis of multimedia or textual information” (3 fellowships): see link.

DN01_E: National Ph.D. programme in Artificial Intelligence for Society.

Research project in: “Artificial intelligence for the analysis of multimedia or textual data” (2 fellowships): see link.

INFO03_E: PhD programme in Computer Science.

Research project in: “Artificial intelligence for multimedia and text analysis” (1 fellowship); see link.

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