Department of Excellence

The main objective of the project is to encourage an overall development of the Department, with a specific focus on two strategic and complementary goals:

  • advanced education strengthening, especially in the Ph.D. Programme;
  • the development of the mathematical competencies necessary for the study of complex systems (mathematical modelling, data analysis, statistics, computational mathematics).

For more information please visit the page dedicated to a detailed description of the project.

This is the list of the main strategies that will be employed to reach the set objectives:

  • the recruitment of permanent administrative and teaching staff, financed both by the project and the University;
  • the enhancement of the appeal and the effectiveness of the Ph.D. Programme, with an anticipated increase in its duration and in the number of scholarships offered;
  • the increase in the number of post-doctoral two-year grants, aimed at the recruiting of young researchers;
  • the expansion of physical (classrooms and new spaces) and digital (GPUs, multimedia equipment) infrastructures; the improvement in the advanced course offer targeted to Master’s Degree and Ph.D. students;
  • the organisation of classes and workshops;
  • the creation of a working group to reinforce the collaboration with external firms and research institutions.

At the end of the project we expect a strengthening of the overall scientific level of the Deparment and of the research lines directed at the study of complex systems. This, in turn, will produce an expansion in the international relationships, an improvement in the appeal of the Deparment and an increase in the external funding for scholarships, visiting professors and scientific activities. Furthermore, we expect we will be able to permanently offer a broader educational offer, with a consequential increase in the number of enrolled students.

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