The application process for enrolling in the PhD programme in Mathematics for the 36th cycle (academic year 2020/2021) is published at the following link:

Deadline: 10th July 2020 at 13:00 (Italian time)

There are three different selection procedures open for the PhD programme in Mathematics, each with its code and ranking list:

  • MATE01 – "general" selection, 6 positions with grant + 2 without grant;
  • MATE02 – selection on subject "Topological data analysis and machine learning for pattern recognition", 1 position with grant;
  • MATE03 – selection on subject "Celestial Mechanics", 1 position with grant.

Attention: it is possible to enrol in more than one procedure, but each application has to be presented separately. For example, a student interested both in the general PhD programme in Pisa and in the second subject has to apply for both MATE01 and MATE02 procedures. Even if you apply for more than one selection procedure, you have to pay the € 30.00 enrolment fee only once.