“Sguardi nel Futuro”: a complex transition

The University of Pisa is proud to present “Sguardi nel Futuro,” a series of events designed to connect young generations with experts from the fields of scientific research, industry, economics, and the social sciences. These gatherings will tackle critical topics to gain insight into what the future holds, including energy transition, climate change, life sciences, space exploration, artificial intelligence, global health, future jobs, informed citizenship, and geopolitical structures. Students in undergraduate, graduate, and integrated programs have the opportunity to participate in person at the first event, while anyone interested in following these meetings can do so via the provided streaming link. The inaugural session, led by Nicola Armaroli of CNR-ISOF, will focus on the intricate energy transition amidst a growing climate crisis and the technical and economic challenges it entails.

For more information and to access the full event schedule, please visit the dedicated CIDIC page.

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