Presentation of 2023-24 courses

The presentation of the Ph.D. courses for the academic year 2023-24 will take place on Monday, 6th November 2023, in Aula Magna at the Department of Mathematics.


14.45Presentation of the Ph.D. school (Frigerio)
15.00Contact Geometry (Lisca)
15.153-manifolds, decorate triangulations, and quantum invariants (Benedetti)
15:30Heegaard Splittings and Handle Numbers  (Baker)
15:45p-adic Galois Representations (Szamuely)
16:00Quotients and Moduli spaces (Sala-Talpo)
16:15Storia, tecnologie e teorie: strumenti in e per la ricerca in didattica della matematica (Baccaglini-Frank, Cogliati, Di Martino, Lisarelli, Maracci)
16:30Nonlinear Analysis (Ghimenti)
16:45Theory of Currents (Alberti)
17:00Dynamics of Complex systems (Galatolo)
17:15Topics in modelling and Analysis in Material Sciences (Muratov)
17:30Many-body quantum systems and their mean-field and semiclassical regimes (Chiara Saffirio)
18:00(Deep) Learning Theory (Agazzi)
18:15Computational Fluid Dynamics (de’ Michieli Vitturi)
18:30Topological Persistence: theory and Applications (Moroni-Pascali)
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