Below is the list of Ph.D. theses in Mathematics awarded by the University of Pisa, grouped by the year of defense.


Name Surname Title of the Thesis Supervisor(s)
Daniele Barbera The Beris-Edwards and the Ericksen-Leslie Models for Nematic Liquid Crystals Vladimir Simeonov Gueorguiev and Kousuke Kuto and Yoshihiro Shibata
Giuseppe Bargagnati Simplicial volume of open manifolds Roberto Frigerio
Clara Grassi Orbits, encounters and collisions: applications to asteroids and artificial satellites Giovanni Federico Gronchi
Alice Merz Braids, homomorphism defects of link invariants and combinatorial aspects of strongly invertible links Paolo Lisca
Mattia Pirani Flasque quasi-resolutions and non-surjectivity of the evaluation map for homogeneous spaces Philippe Gille and Tamás Szamuely
Luciano Sciaraffia Rubio Networks: existence of minimal configurations and curvature flow singularities Andrea Malchiodi and Matteo Novaga
Lorenzo Stefanello Hopf-Galois structures, skew braces, and their connection Ilaria Del Corso and Paul Truman


Name Surname Title of the Thesis Supervisor(s)
Konstantinos Bessas Nonlocal Models in Calculus of Variations Matteo Novaga
Luca Briani Medeiros Dos Santo Shape optimization problems with competing terms Giuseppe Buttazzo
Irene Cavallari Patched dynamics and perturbation theory in some problems of Celestial Mechanics Giulio Baù and Giovanni Federico Gronchi
Domenico Marasco Efficient cycles for $H^2 \times H^2$ and products in bounded cohomology Roberto Frigerio
Andrea Parma Horizontal decompositions and smooth embeddings of rational homology balls Paolo Lisca
Moreno Pierobon Nonstandard and boolean valued models, and interactions with combinatorics, dynamics, and sheaf theory Mauro Di Nasso


Name Surname Title of the Thesis Supervisor(s)
Ludovico Battista Hyperbolic 4-manifolds, perfect circle-valued Morse functions and infinitesimal rigidity Bruno Martelli
Michele Carmassi The B-orbits on a Hermitian symmetric variety: the characteristic 2 case and the Bruhat G-order Andrea Maffei


Name Surname Title of the Thesis Supervisor(s)
Leonardo Henrique Caldeira Pires Ferrari Hyperbolic manifolds and coloured polytopes Bruno Martelli
Federico Cesare Giorgio Conti Surfaces close to the Severi lines Rita Pardini
Obinna Kennedy Idu Higher order rectifiability criteria and a model for soap films Giovanni Alberti
Luigi Marangio Rigorous computational methods for understanding the statistical behavior of random dynamical systems. Stefano Galatolo and Christophe Guyeux
Riccardo Piovani Differential operators on complex manifolds Adriano Tomassini
Chiara Spagnoli The eventual map for irregular varieties Rita Pardini
Matteo Verzobio Primitive divisors of elliptic divisibility sequences Roberto Dvornicich


Name Surname Title of the Thesis Supervisor(s)
Marco Fenucci Variational methods and Hamiltonian perturbation theory applied to the N-body problem: a theoretical and computational approach Giovanni Federico Gronchi
Alessio Moscariello Lacunary polynomials and compositions Roberto Dvornicich and Umberto Zannier
Marco Pozzetta Willmore-type energies of curves and surfaces Matteo Novaga
Karim Rakhimov Dynamics of geodesics for meromorphic connections on Riemann surfaces Marco Abate


Name Surname Title of the Thesis Supervisor(s)
Francesco Bartaloni Infinite horizon optimal control problems with non-compact control space. Existence results and dynamic programming Paolo Acquistapace and Fausto Gozzi
Giacomo Del Nin Some asymptotic results on the global shape of planar clusters Giovanni Alberti
Alessandro Iraci Macdonald polynomials and the Delta conjecture Michele D'Adderio and Giovanni Gaiffi
Marta Leocata Some perspectives on mathematical modeling for aggregation phenomena Franco Flandoli
Valerio Pagliari Asymptotic behaviour of rescaled nonlocal functionals and evolutions Matteo Novaga
Andrea Vaccaro $\mathbb{C}^\ast$-algebras and the Uncountable: a systematic study of the combinatorics of the uncountable in the noncommutative framework Alessandro Berarducci and Ilijas Farah


Name Surname Title of the Thesis Supervisor(s)
Alessio Del Vigna On Impact Monitoring of Near-Earth Asteroids Andrea Milani Comparetti
Kirill Kuzmin Quasi-isometric rigidity for universal covers of manifolds with a geometric decomposition Roberto Frigerio
Giacomo Lari The Galilean satellites' dynamics and the estimation of the Jovian system's dissipation from JUICE data Andrea Milani Comparetti
Hélène Ma On the determination of preliminary orbits and detection of possible conjunctions for space debris Giovanni Federico Gronchi and Andrea Milani Comparetti
Marco Moraschini On Gromov’s theory of multicomplexes: the original approach to bounded cohomology and simplicial volume Roberto Frigerio
Oscar Papini Computational Aspects of Line and Toric Arrangements Giovanni Gaiffi and Mario Salvetti
Harish Shrivastava Shape optimisation problems for integral functionals and regularity properties of optimal domain Giuseppe Buttazzo
Sara Ugolini Varieties of residuated lattices with an MV-retract and an investigation into state theory Tommaso Flaminio and Andrea Sorbi


Name Surname Title of the Thesis Supervisor(s)
Valeria De Mattei New approaches to Mean Field Game Theory Franco Flandoli
Anna Rita Giammetta Perturbed Hamiltonians in one dimension: analysis for linear and nonlinear Schrödinger problems Vladimir Simeonov Gueorguiev
Francesca Malagoli Continued fractions in function fields: polynomial analogues of McMullen's and Zaremba's conjectures Umberto Zannier
Stefano Riolo Cone-manifolds and hyperbolic surgeries Bruno Martelli
Melaine Saillenfest Secular theories and orbital dynamics beyond Neptune Giacomo Tommei
Giulia Signorini Le convinzioni e le emozioni degli insegnanti sulle prove INVALSI di matematica. La ricerca qualitativa di profili attraverso un approccio "grounded" Pietro Di Martino
Nicoletta Tardini Cohomological aspects on complex and symplectic manifolds Adriano Tomassini


Name Surname Title of the Thesis Supervisor(s)
Fabrizio Bianchi Motions of Julia sets and dynamical stability in several complex variables Marco Abate and François Berteloot
Alessio Carrega Shadows and quantum invariants Bruno Martelli
Tommaso Colozza Risk premia and European debt crisis: CDS-hedging, Ponzi public finance and a dynamic approach to sovereign default Stefano Marmi
Federico Franceschini Simplicial volume and relative bounded cohomology Roberto Frigerio
José Augusto Gerolin Gaeva Multi-marginal optimal transport and potential optimization problems for Schrodinger operators Giuseppe Buttazzo
Andrea Margheri A Formal Approach to Specification, Analysis and Implementation of Policy-based Systems Rosario Pugliese
Alessandra Pluda Minimal and evolving networks Carlo Mantegazza and Matteo Novaga
Daniele Serra Satellite Geodesy of other planets Andrea Milani Comparetti
Francesco Strazzanti A family of quotients of the Rees algebra and rigidity properties of local cohomology modules Enrico Sbarra


Name Surname Title of the Thesis Supervisor(s)
Marco Caroccia On the isoperimetric properties of planar N-clusters Giovanni Alberti and Francesco Maggi
Matteo Serventi Combinatorial and geometric invariants of configuration spaces Giovanni Gaiffi and Mario Salvetti
Giovanni Alessandro Zanco Infinite-dimensional methods for path-dependent stochastic differential equations Franco Flandoli


Name Surname Title of the Thesis Supervisor(s)
Serena Guarino Lo Bianco Some optimization problems in mass transport theory Giuseppe Buttazzo
David Petrecca On some problems in Sasakian and Kaehler geometry Fabio Podestà


Name Surname Title of the Thesis Supervisor(s)
Daniele Angella Cohomological aspects of non-Kähler manifolds Adriano Tomassini
Andrea Marchese Two applications of the Theory of Currents Giovanni Alberti
Matteo Scienza Differentiability properties and characterization of H-convex functions Valentino Magnani
Giovanni Viglietta Guarding and Searching Polyhedra Linda Pagli


Name Surname Title of the Thesis Supervisor(s)
Stefano Cicalò On theoretical and experimental aspects of the rotation of celestial bodies Andrea Milani Comparetti
Michele Coscia Multidimensional network analysis Dino Pedreschi
Davide Farnocchia Population orbit determination: Algorithms and Simulations Andrea Milani Comparetti
Nguyet Minh Mach Weak solution to rate-independent systems: Existence and Regularity Giovanni Alberti
Vanni Noferini Polynomial Eigenproblems: a Root-Finding Approach Dario Andrea Bini and Luca Gemignani
Cristina Pagliantini Relative (continuous) bounded cohomology and simplicial volume of hyperbolic manifolds with geodesic boundary Roberto Frigerio
Claudio Vairo Dynamic Detection and Tracking of Composite Events in Wireless Sensor Networks Giuseppe Amato and Stefano Chessa


Name Surname Title of the Thesis Supervisor(s)
Sara Checcoli On fields of algebraic numbers with bounded local degrees Umberto Zannier
Selena Marinelli Zeros and degrees of characters of finite groups Silvio Dolfi and Gabriel Navarro Ortega
Al- hassem Nayam Shape optimization problems of higher codimension Giuseppe Buttazzo
Isaia Nisoli A general approach to Lehmann-Suwa-Khanedani index theorems: partial holomorphic connections and extensions of foliations Marco Abate
Fionntan Roukema Dehn surgery on the minimally twisted five-chain link Bruno Martelli and Carlo Petronio


Name Surname Title of the Thesis Supervisor(s)
Lorenzo Brasco Geodesics and PDE methods in transport models Giuseppe Buttazzo and Guillaume Carlier and Filippo Santambrogio
Tiziano Casavecchia Rigidity of holomorphic generators of one-parameter semigroups and a non-autonomous Denjoy-Wolff theorem Marco Abate
Nevio Dubbini Left invertibility of I/O quantized systems: IFS, number theory, cryptography, algorithms Benedetto Piccoli
Ana Garcia Lecuona On the slice-ribbon conjecture for Montesinos knots Paolo Lisca
Jmmy Alfonso Mauro Some analytic questions in mathematical physic problems Vladimir Simeonov Gueorguiev and Paolo Maremonti
Francesca Mori Minimality of hyperplane arrangements and configuration spaces: a combinatorial approach Mario Salvetti
Jasmin Raissy Geometrical methods in the normalization of germs of biholomorphisms Marco Abate


Name Surname Title of the Thesis Supervisor(s)
Luca Caputo On the structure of étale wild kernels of number fields Roberto Dvornicich and Jean-François Jaulent
Giovanni Catino Some Integral Pinching Results in Riemannian Geometry Zindine Djadli and Carlo Mantegazza
Kartoué Mady Demdah Théorèmes de h-cobordisme et de s-cobordisme semi-algébriques Fabrizio Broglia and Michel Coste
Marco Mazzucchelli Periodic Orbits of Tonelli Lagrangian Systems Alberto Abbondandolo
Marco Strambi Effective estimates for coverings of curves over number fields Yuri F. Bilu and Roberto Dvornicich


Name Surname Title of the Thesis Supervisor(s)
Carlo Bertolli Fault Tolerance for High-Performance Applications Using Structured Parallelism Models Marco Vanneschi
Filippo Bonchi Abstract Semantics by Observable Contexts Ugo Giovanni Erasmo Montanari
Annalisa Castellucci $\phi$-Subgaussian random processes: properties and their applications Rita Giuliano
Davide Catania Linear and nonlinear perturbed wave equations Vladimir Simeonov Gueorguiev
Andreea Moldovan On Regularity for Constrained Extremum Problems Franco Giannessi
Laura Paladino Local-global divisibility problems for elliptic curves Roberto Dvornicich
Giulio Peruginelli Integer values of polynomials Umberto Zannier
Carlo Sias Control of matter wave tunneling in an optical lattice Ennio Arimondo
Sebastiano Silla Valuing guaranteed annuity options using the principle of equivalent utility Matheus R. Grasselli
Francesco Tantussi Surface nano-structuring with neutral cold cesium atoms Ennio Arimondo
Qinghua Zhang Outer Approximation Algorithms for DC Programs and Beyond Giancarlo Bigi and Antonio Frangioni


Name Surname Title of the Thesis Supervisor(s)
Marina Cosentino Connectance and Stability in Systems with a Large Number of Degrees of Freedom Claude Froeschlé
Francesco Degli Innocenti On the relations between discrete and continuous dynamics in C2 Filippo Bracci
Bruno Iannazzo Numerical Solution of Certain Nonlinear Matrix Equations Dario Andrea Bini
Gabriele Ranieri Rang de l'image du groupe des unites; conjecture de Bremner Francesco Amoroso and Roberto Dvornicich
Luigi Vezzoni The Geometry of Some Special $\mathsf{SU}(n)$-structures Paolo De Bartolomeis


Name Surname Title of the Thesis Supervisor(s)
Angel Ivanov Nonlinear evolution equations in mathematical physics Vladimir Simeonov Gueorguiev
Vittoria Pierfelice Dispersive Equations on Manifolds Piero Antonio D'Ancona and Vladimir Simeonov Gueorguiev
Mirko Tarulli Di Giallonardo Smoothing-Strichartz estimates for dispersive equations perturbed by a first-order differential operator Vladimir Simeonov Gueorguiev
Roberta Tognari Some Elliptic Equations with Irregular and Unbounded Coefficients Giuseppe Da Prato
Giacomo Tommei Impact monitoring of Near-Earth Objects: theoretical and computational results Andrea Milani Comparetti
Giuseppe Zurlo Material and Geometric Phase Transitions in Biological Membranes Luca Deseri and Roberto Paroni


Name Surname Title of the Thesis Supervisor(s)
Fabrizio Baccetti Origine e destino dei "Conicorum Elementorum Quintus et Sextus" Pier Daniele Napolitani
Francesca Boccalini Metodi numerici per il calcolo di punti di intersezione di curve razionali piane di Bézier Luca Gemignani
Luca Granieri Mass transportation problems and minimal measures Giuseppe Buttazzo


Name Surname Title of the Thesis Supervisor(s)
Finsler metrics in optimization problems and Hamilton-Jacobi equations Giuseppe Buttazzo
Gennaro Amendola Minimal spines and skeleta of non-orientable 3-manifolds and bricks Carlo Petronio
Manuela Bagnasco Il metodo QR per matrici semiseparabili: aspetti teorici e computazionali Dario Andrea Bini
Jacopo Bellazzini Mathematical methods to characterize complexity in turbulent processes Guido Buresti
Mario Cifelli NMR in an inhomogeneous B₀ field: application to MR imaging and diffusometry Carlo Alberto Veracini
Dario Colazzo Path Correctness for XML Queries: Characterization and Static Type Checking Giorgio Ghelli
Andrea Davini Finsler metrics in optimization problems and Hamilton-Jacobi equations Giuseppe Buttazzo
Valentina Domenici Orientational order and dynamics by means of 2H-NMR on rod-like and banana-shaped liquid crystals: new developments Carlo Alberto Veracini
Marco Gipo Ghimenti Geodesics in conical manifolds Vieri Benci
Michele Gori Lower semicontinuity and relaxation for integral and supremal functionals Giuseppe Buttazzo and Paolo Marcellini
Raffaele Marcovecchio Francesco Amoroso and Carlo Viola
Ilia Toli On Some Algebraic Methods in Cryptography Carlo Traverso


Name Surname Title of the Thesis Supervisor(s)
Giancarlo Bigi Optimality and Lagrangian Regularity in Vector Optimization Massimo Pappalardo
Claudio Bonanno Applicazione dei metodi di teoria dell'informazione a sistemi dinamici Vieri Benci and Stefano Isola
Francesco Bonchi Fosca Giannotti
Massimiliano Gubinelli Finite-size scaling in non-equilibrium critical phenomena Sergio Caracciolo
Giulia Menconi Nonlinear dynamics and information with applications to biological and physical systems Vieri Benci
Luca Mugnai Relaxation and variational approximation of curvature-dependent functionals in two dimensions, Giovanni Bellettini
Francesca Agnese Prinari Calculus of variations for supremal functionals Giuseppe Buttazzo
Carlo Sartiani Efficient Management of Semistructered XML Data Giorgio Ghelli
Simona Settepanella Cohomologies of generalized pure braid groups and Milnor fibre of reflection arrangements Mario Salvetti
Fabrizio Silvestri High Performance Efficiency Issues in Web Search Engines Raffaele Perego
Roberto Stasi Kolmogorov Equations in $\mathbb{R}^d$ Giuseppe Da Prato


Name Surname Title of the Thesis Supervisor(s)
Antonio Bellezza Integral Duality and the Structure of Tate Cohomology Rings René Schoof
Leonardo Chiezzi Chirality in liquid crystals Carlo Alberto Veracini
Pietro Di Martino
Domenico Fiorenza Feynman Diagrams, Moduli Spaces and the KdV Hierarchy Enrico Arbarello
Stefano Galatolo Information, complexity and weak chaos in dynamical systems. Theory and measurement methods Vieri Benci
Giovanni Federico Gronchi Theoretical and computational aspects of collision singularities in the N–body problem Andrea Milani Comparetti
Tommaso Pacini Flows and deformations of Lagrangian submanifolds in Kaehler­-Einstein Geometry. Gang Tian


Name Surname Title of the Thesis Supervisor(s)
Gianluca Amato Sequent Calculi and Indexed Categories as a Foundation for Logic Programming Giorgio Levi and James Lipton
Stefano Bistarelli Soft Constraint Solving and Programming: a general framework Ugo Giovanni Erasmo Montanari
Luigi De Pascale The Morse-Sard theorem in Sobolev spaces, optimal transport problems and applications Giovanni Alberti and Giuseppe Buttazzo
Silvia Faggian First order Hamilton-Jacobi-Bellman equations in Hilbert spaces, boundary optimal control and applications to economics Paolo Acquistapace and Fausto Gozzi
Paolo Manghi Extracting Typed Values from Semistructured Data Giorgio Ghelli
Dimitri Mugnai Reversed variational inequalities and asymptotically critical points Antonio Marino
Maurizio Parton Hermitian and special structures on products of spheres Paolo Piccinni
Silvia Pizzanelli Dynamics of anisotropic systems by means of NMR Edward T. Samulski and Carlo Alberto Veracini
Giuseppe Prencipe Distributed Coordination of a Set of Autonomous Mobile Robots Linda Pagli and Nicola Santoro
Marco Romito Partial Regularity Theory for a Stochastic Navier-Stokes System Franco Flandoli


Name Surname Title of the Thesis Supervisor(s)
Paolo Baldan Modelling Concurrent Computations: from Contextual Petri Nets to Graph Grammars Ugo Giovanni Erasmo Montanari
David Barbato Asymptotic behavior of large clusters for percolation of size 3. Franco Flandoli
Luigi Carlo Berselli Some topics in fluid mechanics Hugo Beirao da Veiga and Alberto Valli
Chiara Bodei Security Issues in Process Calculi Pierpaolo Degano
Barbara Busnello A Probabilistic Approach to the 2D and 3D Navier Stokes Equations Franco Flandoli
Ilaria Fragalà Tangential calculus and variational integrals with respect to a measure Giuseppe Buttazzo
Claudia Landi Cohomology rings of Artin groups Mario Salvetti
Sandra Lucente Nonlinear Wave Equations Vladimir Simeonov Gueorguiev and Sergio Spagnolo
Roberto Pignatelli Low Genus Fibrations and Numerical Godeaux Surfaces Fabrizio M. E. Catanese


Name Surname Title of the Thesis Supervisor(s)
Giovanni Becchere Valuation and hedging of American options in incomplete markets: minimum risk strategies Maurizio Pratelli
Silvia Benvenuti Hops algebras and invariants of combed and framed 3-manifolds Riccardo Benedetti
Ariela Briani Hamilton-Jacobi-Bellman equations and Gamma-Convergence for optimal control problems Paolo Acquistapace and Giuseppe Buttazzo
Stefano Chessa Self-Diagnosis of Grid-Interconnected Systems, with Application to Self-Test of VLSI Wafers Piero Maestrini
Giuseppe De Donno Gevrey hypoellipticity for partial differential equations with characteristics of higher multiplicity Luigi Rodino
Francois Ebobisse Bille Fine properties of functions with bounded deformation and applications Luigi Ambrosio
Alessandro Groli Jumping problems for semilinear and quasilinear variational inequalities Antonio Marino and Claudio Saccon


Name Surname Title of the Thesis Supervisor(s)
Elisabetta Beltrami Arc Index of Links Riccardo Benedetti and Hugh Reynolds Morton
Massimo Caboara Optimization of Basic Algorithms in Commutative Algebra Carlo Traverso
Lucia Calucci Studi di struttura e dinamica molecolare in sistemi ordinati e parzialmente ordinati Zeev Luz
Nicoletta Cantarini Representation Theory of Quantized Enveloping Algebras at the Roots of Unity Corrado De Concini
Marco Castellani An Abstract Approach For Optimality Conditions In Nondifferentiable Programming Massimo Pappalardo
Marco Comini An Abstract Interpretation Framework for Semantics and Diagnosis of Logic Programs Giorgio Levi
Pietro Cornacchia Ideal Class Groups of Cyclotomic Fields René Schoof
Marco Fantozzi Poincaré Inequality and Spectral Hap in Ornstein-Uhlenbeck Processes Giuseppe Da Prato
Paola Frediani Real Algebraic Functions Real Algebraic Curves and Their Moduli Spaces Fabrizio M. E. Catanese
Guido Germano Quantum, classical and combined computer simulations of molecular systems Peter Andrew Kollman and Carlo Alberto Veracini
Beatrice Meini Fast Algorithms For The Numerical Solution of Structured Markov Chains Dario Andrea Bini
Francesco Morandin Branching Processes, Nonlinear ODE And Navier-Stokes Equations Franco Flandoli
Paola Trebeschi Esistenza di soluzioni in problemi di ottimizzazione di forma e ostacoli Giuseppe Buttazzo


Name Surname Title of the Thesis Supervisor(s)
Roberto Bagnara Data-Flow Analysis for Constraint Logic-Based Languages Giorgio Levi
Marino Belloni Relaxation of variational problems with Lavrentiev Phenomenon Giuseppe Buttazzo
Chiara Boiti Evoluzione per sistemi differenziali sovradeterminati Mauro Nacinovich
Giampiero Chiaselotti Alcune presentazioni dei gruppi lineari speciali su campi finiti Roberto Dvornicich
Giuseppe Fiorentino Tau Matrices and Generating Functions for Solving Toeplitz Systems Dario Andrea Bini
Giuseppe Melfi Some Problems in Elementary Number Theory and Modular Forms Carlo Viola
Marino Miculan Encoding logical theories of programs Furio Honsell
Edgardo Molina Salazar Alcune applicazioni della teoria di Morse a varieta' di Lorentz Vieri Benci
Monica Musso Esistenza e molteplicita` di soluzioni per equazioni ellittiche nonlineari Donato Passaseo
Giuseppina Vannella Alcune applicazioni della teoria di Morse a problemi di tipo ellittico Vieri Benci


Name Surname Title of the Thesis Supervisor(s)
Alessandra Buonanno Quantum vacuum fluctuations in gravity and string cosmology Michele Maggiore
Anna Candela Molteplicità di soluzioni positive di problemi ellittici non lineari e proprietà topologiche del dominio Donato Fortunato
Agostino Dovier Computable Set Theory and Logic Programming Alberto Policriti
Fabio Gadducci On the algebraic approach to concurrent term rewriting Ugo Giovanni Erasmo Montanari
Cataldo Grammatico Unicità forte per operatori ellittici Ferruccio Colombini
Stefano Guerrini Theoretical and Practical Aspects of Optimal Implementations of Functional Languages Corrado Böhm and Simone Martini
Giovanni La Penna Applicazioni di modelli molecolari semi-dettagliati nella simulazione numerica di materiali parzialmente ordinati James W. Emsley and Carlo Alberto Veracini
Angela Pistoia Un problema ellittico semilineare asintoticamente omogeneo e non simmetrico Antonio Marino
Corrado Priami Enhanced Operational Semantics for Concurrency Pierpaolo Degano
Ivonne Sgura Boundary Value Methods (BVMs) for the numerical approximation of ODEs: properties, applications and comparisons Donato Trigiante


Name Surname Title of the Thesis Supervisor(s)
Domenico Martelli Local Algebras Roberto Longo
Andrea Previtali Structure and character degrees of sylow p-subgroups of finite groups of Lie type Marco Forti and Bertram Huppert
Cecilia Trifogli Luoghi focali di ipersuperfici algebriche The geometry of focal loci Fabrizio M. E. Catanese
Francesco Zucconi Su alcune questioni relative alla applicazione canonica composta con un fascio di grado 3 Fabrizio M. E. Catanese


Name Surname Title of the Thesis Supervisor(s)
Enrico Bozzo Matrix Algebras and Discrete Transforms Dario Andrea Bini
Lorenzo Freddi Rilassamento e convergenza di problemi di controllo ottimo Giuseppe Buttazzo
Paolo Papi Ordinamenti compatibili nei sistemi di radici Claudio Procesi
Oreste Tommasi Emissione stimolata Raman anti-Stokes nell'estremo ultravioletto Franco Strumia


Name Surname Title of the Thesis Supervisor(s)
Francesca Bucci Alcuni risultati sul controllo di Equazioni a Derivate Parziali (Some results on control of Partial Differential Equations) Giuseppe Da Prato
Antonio Bucciarelli Sequential Models of PCF: Some Contributions to the Domain-Theoretic Approach to Full Abstraction Giuseppe Longo
Stefano Caldarelli Studio di moti interni di molecole flessibili in matrici anisotrope Alexander Pines and Carlo Alberto Veracini
Gianfranco Casnati Rivestimenti ramificati di Gorenstein Fabrizio M. E. Catanese
Luca Deseri A Priori Restrictions on the Relaxation Function in Linear Viscoelasticity Gianpietro Del Piero
Roberto Di Cosmo Isomorphisms of Types Giuseppe Longo
Marco Franciosi Immersioni di superficie razionali Fabrizio M. E. Catanese
Roberto Grossi On Suffix Trees and Related Pattern Matching Problems Fabrizio Luccio
Maria Gabriella Paoli Problemi iperbolici non lineari del quarto ordine e applicazioni Alberto Arosio and Roberto Natalini
Geppino Pucci Parallel Computational Models and Data Structures Fabrizio Luccio
Francesca Tovena Alcune applicazioni geometriche della teoria dei fibrati stabili Fabrizio M. E. Catanese
Michela Varagnolo I polinomi armonici e la rappresentazione di Springer nel caso $\mathsf{SL}(n)$ Corrado De Concini


Name Surname Title of the Thesis Supervisor(s)
Domenico Luminati Immersions of surfaces and apparent contours Riccardo Benedetti
Antonio Masiello Metodi variazionali in geometria lorentziana Vieri Benci
Nicola Orrù Problema di Cauchy per equazioni iperboliche lineari Ferruccio Colombini


Name Surname Title of the Thesis Supervisor(s)
Roberto Amadio Recursion and Subtyping in Lambda Calculi Giuseppe Longo
Sandro Manfredini Geometria delle applicazioni polinomiali complesse in una variabile Fabrizio M. E. Catanese
Francesco Serra Cassano Sergio Spagnolo
Xiaoyu Song VLSI Routing Algorithms in Diagonal Models Fabrizio Luccio


Name Surname Title of the Thesis Supervisor(s)
Giorgio Ghelli Proof Theoretic Studies about a Minimal Type System Integrating Inclusion and Parametric Polymorphism Giuseppe Longo
Bruno Rubino Pierangelo Marcati and Venkatesha M. K. Murthy


Name Surname Title of the Thesis Supervisor(s)
Andrea Asperti Categorical topics in computer science Giuseppe Longo


Name Surname Title of the Thesis Supervisor(s)
Paolo Ciancarini Specifying and Prototyping Software Engineering Environments Ugo Giovanni Erasmo Montanari
Claudia Forte Studio di sistemi liquido cristallini e di soluti disciolti mediante la risonanza magnetica nucleare Carlo Alberto Veracini
Simone Martini Modelli non estensionali del polimorfismo in programmazione funzionale Giuseppe Longo
Catuscia Palamidessi Giorgio Levi
Donato Passaseo Molteplicita di soluzioni per diseguaglianze variazionali Antonio Marino
Dino Pedreschi Franco Turini
Daniela Sforza Equazioni integrodifferenziali in spazi di Banach Giuseppe Da Prato
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