SNS Ph.D. Course Announcement – Topics on algebraic surfaces

We inform students that Prof. Alessio Corti from Imperial College, London, will teach a course at Scuola Normale Superiore titled “Topics on Algebraic Surfaces”. The first class will take place on Monday, October 2, at 11am in Aula Fermi, and will continue with the following schedule: Monday and Wednesday from 11am to 1pm, aula Fermi, SNS.

The description of the course is as follows:

This is a foundation course on the theory of algebraic surfaces from a point of view inspired by higher dimensions. The key theorems will be proved, but the main emphasis will be on methods for constructing and working with concrete examples of surfaces. At the minimum the course will cover the following topics:

  • Review of Riemann-Roch for curves and elements of special divisors;
  • The Riemann-Roch theorem for surfaces;
  • Characterization of rational surfaces (theorem of Noether-Castelnuovo);
  • Examples of surfaces: del Pezzo surfaces, scrolls, K3 surfaces, elliptic surfaces, and surfaces of general type;
  • Canonical singularities of surfaces, minimal models and canonical models of surfaces;
  • Introduction to the Enriques-Kodaira classification of surfaces.

Ideally, students will have attended a first course in algebraic geometry, comprising the basics of coherent sheaves and cohomology.

More information can be found on SNS website.

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