MCTF Group

The MCTF group contains characterizing courses in the theoretical area. Each course in this group yields 6 CFU/ECTS. The courses are:

  • Algebra 2
  • Algebraic number theory 1
  • Coding theory and cryptography
  • Computer algebra
  • Differential geometry and topology
  • Elementary mathematics from an advanced standpoint: arithmetic
  • Elementary mathematics from an advanced standpoint: geometry
  • Elementary number theory
  • Elements of algebraic geometry
  • Elements of algebraic topology
  • Elements of calculus of variations
  • Elements of complex analysis
  • Elements of mathematical logic
  • Elements of set theory
  • Field and Galois theories
  • Groups and representations
  • History of mathematics
  • Mathematical analysis 3
  • Mathematical logic
  • Partial differential equations
  • Topological methods in the global analysis

Please refer to the Master’s Course Regulations to get more information on single courses.

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