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Welcome to the homepage of the Master’s Degree Course in Mathematics!

Students wishing to enrol in the Master’s Degree Course in Mathematics in Pisa can choose from five different programmes: Applied, Educational, General, Modelling, or Theoretical. Each programme consists of some core fundamental courses, which provide a systematic and in-depth description of the main ideas underlying the major branches of mathematics (algebra, geometry, education, mathematical analysis, probability, mathematical physics, numerical analysis –  the chosen programme dictates the selection from these topics). Nevertheless, as part of each programme students can also select from several thematic courses based on more recent and advanced topics (even in the areas of logic, history of mathematics and operational research, which are not covered in the fundamental courses). These courses are often held by professors from the Department of Mathematics (or from the Department of Computer Science in the case of operational research), who are involved in leading international research studies in their field of specialization. Moreover, thanks to the lasting and stable relationships held with the Scuola Normale Superiore, our students can also include some courses offered by the Scuola Normale in their study plans.

After obtaining the Master’s Degree in Mathematics, students may continue their studies with a Ph.D. programme, of which the University of Pisa offers an ample selection, or may enter the world of work, where their in-depth competencies are highly valued.

Some notes about the course of study:
  • the degree course is demanding, but it rewards with in-depth skills that are highly valued in the job market and form the ideal basis to continue to a PhD programme;
  • students can choose from five different programmes: Applied, Educational, General, Modelling and Theoretical;
  • students can select various courses from specific groups to be inserted in their study plan, which as a result can be highly flexible. Students may also include two free-choice courses, chosen from the ones active at other departments or from Ph.D. courses at the University of Pisa (e.g. this is the list of Ph.D. courses in Mathematics offered by our Department in 2023-24) or from Master or Ph.D. courses at Scuola Normale Superiore.
  • the University has in place many active international agreements, including Erasmus and double degrees, so it is possible to spend a period of study abroad, or even to obtain two degrees (more info can be found on the international page).

We suggest to see here (link to page in Italian) the articles on “Jobs for mathematicians”, “Mathematicians at work” and “Employment statistics” in the “Outgoing” section for further inspiration, motivation or information on the employment prospects.

All the information about enrolment procedures, including possible scholarships (link in Italian), is available in the menu at the top of the page. Specifically, for the Academic Year 2023-24 6 INdAM scholarships will be granted to our Master’s Degree Course, of which at least 3 intended for female students.

We are committed to ensure the continuity of this initiative: scholarships will also be available for the following years, as planned by the project that allowed our Department to become Department of Excellence 2023-2027.

Enrolled students will find in the top menu detailed information for their studies, e.g. how to submit their study plan, how to apply for their final exam, and all the necessary info about lectures and exams. It is also possible to check the handbooks (in Italian only).

Lastly, a section of the top menu in the page in Italian is dedicated to the governing bodies (Study Course Council, Teaching Committees), with their resolutions, the minutes of their meetings and the details from the quality assurance certifications.

Happy surfing!

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