Lecture Timetable

Timetable Academic Year 2022/23 Autumn Semester: Bachelor’s Year 1 | Bachelor’s Year 2 | Bachelor’s Year 3 | Master’s

Availability of rooms and labs at Polo Fibonacci for the Department of Mathematics

Notice: An alternative display of the timetable with a better compatibility with mobile devices is available.

This timetable is to be considered as almost final. Some small changes to it may still happen. It is advised to check again before the beginning of the semester.

The timetable for the Master’s Degree contains also the courses overlapping the Bachelor’s Degree.

The Master’s Degree course in Differential Topology taught by Prof. Benedetti will be exclusively online. As such, the room in the timetable refers to a space available to students wishing to attend the lectures from a personal device at the University.

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