Bachelor and Master’s degree programs in Mathematics

The Bachelor of Science Degree in Mathematics (Corso di Laurea Triennale, three years) and the Master of Science Degree in Mathematics (Corso di Laurea Magistrale, two years), offered by the University of Pisa, are both part of the time-honored and solid tradition of mathematics here in Pisa. This tradition is founded in advanced research activities conducted in all fields of pure and applied mathematics and carried out by professors of the University Mathematics Department, also in synergy with the renowned “Scuola Normale Superiore”. In keeping with this tradition, and with the high standards of research so typical of Pisa, our Mathematics Courses of Study aim to maintain and improve this level of excellence (at a national level and beyond), which has always distinguished them.

News and announcements

Timetable of lectures

Lectures begin on Monday 27th September. The timetable for the courses is available at the page Timetable of lectures.

Instructions for students of the 1st year of Bachelor’s Course

The first-year courses in the first term are Arithmetic, Fundaments of programming with laboratory, Geometry 1, Introductory computational mathematics lab, and Mathematical analysis 1. Their lectures will be held in Aula G at the Polo Fibonacci: the first lecture is scheduled for the 27th of September at 9:00. 

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