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Welcome to the homepage of the Bachelor’s Degree Course in Mathematics!

Thanks to the Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics, students are able to obtain a basic knowledge of modern mathematics, together with a selection of the most important concepts of both physics and computer science, with emphasis among the two being placed depending on the chosen programme (fundamental or computational). The Bachelor’s Degree Course provides students with the skills to model real-life situations and find solutions to both practical and theoretical problems. This puts prospective maths graduates at an advantage when looking for a job (in banking, insurance, statistics, IT, service companies or consulting) as well as when continuting their career with a Master’s Degree in Mathematics, Computer Science or other technical/scientific subjects.

Some notes about the course of study:

  • the degree course is demanding, but it rewards with in-depth skills that are highly valued in the job market and form the ideal basis for the natural continuation towards a Master’s Degree;
  • students can choose from two different programmes: Fundamental and Computational;
  • several tutoring programmes (link to page in Italian) are available in order to assist students in their university career;
  • the University has in place many active international agreements, including Erasmus and double degrees, so it is possible to spend a period of study abroad, or even to obtain two degrees.

For those looking for further inspiration, motivation or information on orientation initiatives please visit the dedicated section (link to page in Italian).

All the information about enrolment procedures, including possible scholarships (link to page in Italian), is available in the menu at the top of the page.

Enrolled students will find in the top menu detailed information for their studies, e.g. how to submit their study plan, how to apply for their final exam, and all the necessary info about lectures and exams. It is also possible to check the handbooks (in Italian only).

Lastly, a section of the top menu in the page in Italian is dedicated to the governing bodies (Study Course Council, Teaching Committees), with their resolutions, the minutes of their meetings and the details from the quality assurance certifications.

Happy surfing!

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