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Welcome to the homepage of the Bachelor’s Degree Course in Mathematics!

With the Bachelor’s Degree, students acquire a basic knowledge of modern mathematics, along with a selection of the most important concepts of both physics and computer science. More emphasis will be placed on one or the other, depending on the chosen curriculum (fundamental or computational). Our 3-year degree course provides students with the aptitude to model real-life situations and to search for solutions to both practical and theoretical problems. This puts them at an advantage, both when looking for a job (in either banking, insurance, statistics, computing, IT, service companies or optimization) as well as in continuing their studies with a Master’s Degree in either Mathematics, Computer Science or other technical/scientific disciplines.

Glimpses of the Course of Study:

  • the course is demanding, but it rewards relevant skills that are already very appreciated in the job market, even if the natural continuation after the Bachelor’s Degree is the Master’s;
  • a student can choose among two curricula: computational and fundamental;
  • there are many effective forms of tutoring, to help closely the students along their academic paths;
  • there are many active international agreements, including Erasmus and double degrees, so it is possible to enrich one’s education with a period of study abroad, or even obtain two degrees.

We suggest seeing this section for those who are looking for further inspiration, motivation or just information on the initiatives for curriculum counselling.

All the information about enrolling, including possible scholarships, is available in the menu.

Students of the Course of Study will find in the menu detailed information useful during their studies (e.g. how to submit a Programme of Study and the application for the final exam, but also info about lectures and exams). Moreover, it is possible to consult the Regulations (in Italian only).

Finally, a section of the menu is dedicated to the governing bodies (Course of Study Council, Committees), with the relative resolutions and the minutes of their meetings, and to the quality certification.

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