Knowledge evaluation test

There is not an entrance examination in order to enrol for the Bachelor’s Degree Course in Mathematics, but there is a knowledge evaluation test. The difference between the two kinds of tests is significant: the former is used to select students for Courses with restricted access; the latter — which involves our Bachelor’s Degree Course in Mathematics among others — aims to be an instrument that helps incoming students to realize their initial level of knowledge.

The evaluation test for students who want to enrol is organized by Con.Scienze and carried out by the CISIA consortium. In particular, candidates are required to answer 60 questions chosen among the TOLC-S version or the TOLC@HOME (type TOLC-S):

  • 20 questions of Matematica di base (Basic Mathematics);
  • 10 questions of Ragionamento e Problemi (Reasoning and Problems);
  • 30 questions of Inglese (English).

The test is passed if the candidate obtains:

  • at least 15 points in the modules Matematica di Base and Ragionamento e Problemi combined;
  • at least 15 points in the module of Inglese.

Our Course Regulations specify that students must take the test either before the beginning of the lectures or within three months after it.

It is possible to see an example test on the CISIA webpage. To get an idea of the basic mathematical topics that are useful to know, both to pass the evaluation test and, in general, to enrol for the courses of Study in Mathematics, you can check the following web page (in Italian): it contains video clips and slides of several preparatory courses held some times ago (but still relevant!) by Prof. Massimo Gobbino.

If a student does not participate in the evaluation test or fails it, he/she can still enrol on the Bachelor’s Degree Course, but he/she is loaded with an Additional Learning Obligation (Obbligo Formativo Aggiuntivo, OFA). The obligation is considered fulfilled according to the rules on the dedicated page.

Because of all the motivations above, it is very important for a student who wants to enrol in the Course of Study to take the evaluation test. In particular, analysis based on the data from past academic years reveals that it is highly probable that a student will encounter serious difficulties during the first months if their score in Matematica di Base and Ragionamento e Problemi combined is a little lower than 15.

Additional info, in particular regarding when and where the test takes place and the procedures to enrol for it, can be found on the CISIA webpage or contact the Secretary’s Office of the Mathematics Department.

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