The Smoluchowski-Kramers diffusion-approximation for a class of constrained stochastic wave equations – Sandra Cerrai (University of Maryland)


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We investigate the well-posedness of a class of stochastic second-order in time-damped evolution equations in Hilbert spaces, subject to the constraint that the solution lies within the unitary sphere. Then, we focus on a specific example, the stochastic damped wave equation in a bounded domain of a d-dimensional Euclidean space, endowed with the Dirichlet boundary condition, with the added constraint that the L^2-norm of the solution is equal to one. We introduce a small mass mu>0 in front of the second-order derivative in time and examine the validity of a Smoluchowski-Kramers diffusion approximation. We demonstrate that, in the small mass limit, the solution converges to the solution of a stochastic parabolic equation subject to the same constraint. We further show that an extra noise-induced drift emerges, which in fact does not account for the Stratonovich-to-Itô correction term.

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