An introduction to Khovanov homology – Laura Marino (Institut de Mathématiques de Jussieu)


Aula Fermi, Palazzo della Carovana


Introduced around 2000, Khovanov homology marked the start of a new field of study in knot theory. It was born as a “categorification” (or generalisation) of the Jones polynomial, a classical link invariant, but it proved to be more than just that: despite its combinatorial nature, it contains a surprising amount of topological information about knots and links (for example, it provides lower bounds for the slice genus and the unknotting number). In this talk, we will give a description of Khovanov homology as well as some applications in low dimensional topology, such as a way to detect exotically knotted surfaces in the 4-ball.

The seminar will be also streamed on Teams. For the link and more information visit our website.

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