Nonwandering points of continuous dynamical systems and constructive controllability – L’EVENTO SI TERRA’ SU MEET – Eugene Stepanov (St. Petersburg State University)


We will give an overview of the recent results stating how can one constructively slightly perturb a smooth vector field in order to make a given point periodic under the flow it produces (for nonwandering points this is the statements of the celebrated Pugh’s closing lemma for dynamical systems), and relate this to classical questions in control theory of constructing explicitly the controls to reach the given point (or several points). Joint work with Sergey Kryzhevich. In order to attend the seminar please connect to the website address few minutes before the time planned for the talk. Note that in case you login with a non unipi account you shall wait a few time to be accepted according to the availability of slots (limited to 250 participants).

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