On reduction steps for Leopoldt’s conjecture – Fabio Ferri (Università di Exeter)


Department of Mathematics, Aula Magna.


Let $p$ be a rational prime and let $L/K$ be a Galois extension of number fields with Galois group $G$. Under some hypotheses, we show that Leopoldt’s conjecture at $p$ for certain proper intermediate fields of $L/K$ implies Leopoldt’s conjecture at $p$ for $L$; a crucial tool will be the theory of idempotent relations in $\mathbb Q[G]$. We also consider relations between the Leopoldt defects at $p$ for intermediate extensions of $L/K$. We finally show that our results combined with some techniques introduced by Buchmann and Sands allow us to find infinite families of nonabelian totally real Galois extension of $\mathbb Q$ satisfying Leopoldt’s conjecture for certain primes. This is joint work with Henri Johnston.

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