Structure-preserving dynamical model order reduction of parametric Hamiltonian systems – Cecilia Pagliantini (TU Eindhoven)


Sala Seminari (Dip. Matematica).


In real-time and many-query simulations of parametric differential equations, computational methods need to face high computational costs to provide sufficiently accurate and stable numerical solutions. To address this issue, model order reduction techniques aim at constructing low-complexity high-fidelity surrogate models that allow rapid and accurate solutions under parameter variation. In this talk, we will consider reduced basis methods (RBM) for the model order reduction of parametric Hamiltonian dynamical systems describing nondissipative phenomena. The development of RBM for Hamiltonian systems is challenged by two main factors: (i) failing to preserve the geometric structure encoding the physical properties of the dynamics, such as invariants of motion or symmetries, might lead to instabilities and unphysical behaviors of the resulting approximate solutions; (ii) the \emph{local} low-rank nature of transport-dominated and nondissipative phenomena demands large reduced spaces to achieve sufficiently accurate approximations. We will discuss how to address these aspects via a structure-preserving nonlinear reduced basis approach based on dynamical low-rank approximation. The gist of the proposed method is to evolve low-dimensional surrogate models on a phase space that adapts in time while being endowed with the geometric structure of the full model.

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