The dependence of the psc space of a manifold from its normal 2-type – Agnese Mantione (University of Münster)


Aula riunioni, Dipartimento di matematica


Gromov and Lawson’s surgery theorem states that positive scalar curvature (psc) is invariant under surgeries of codimension at least 3. Working with cobordism theory on a refined statement by Chernysh of the latter, Ebert and Frenck proved that the homotopy type of the space of psc metrics on a manifold M, if non empty, only depends on a certain cobordism class of M. In this talk I will discuss a conjecture that claims that the homotopy type is in fact only dependent on the normal 2-type of M. We will also see how this is related to the “isotopy implies concordance” conjecture.

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