Well-posedness and stationary states for a crowded active Brownian system with size-exclusion – Simon Michael Schulz (Scuola Normale Superiore)


Dipartimento di Matematica, Sala Seminari.


We prove the existence of solutions to a non-linear, non-local, degenerate equation which was previously derived as the formal hydrodynamic limit of an active Brownian particle system, where the particles are endowed with a position and an orientation. This equation incorporates diffusion in both the spatial and angular coordinates, as well as a non-linear non-local drift term, which depends on the angle-independent density. The spatial diffusion is non-linear degenerate and also comprises diffusion of the angle-independent density, which one may interpret as cross-diffusion with infinitely many species. Our proof relies on interpreting the equation as the perturbation of a gradient flow in a Wasserstein-type space. It generalizes the boundedness-by-entropy method to this setting and makes use of a gain of integrability due to the angular diffusion. We also prove uniqueness in the particular case where the non-local drift term is null, and provide existence and uniqueness results for stationary equilibrium solutions. This is joint work with Martin Burger. 

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